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Tips to fix your computer and keep it running well:

Most of the problems with computers these days are caused by the software not the hardware. That means that you may not need to buy a new computer, just fix the software on your current computer.

  1. Windows Maintenance:
  2. Windows Update: This checks Microsoft's website for updates for your windows system. From within Internet Exporer, select Tools, Windows Update or go to and follow the prompts. You should keep running this and rebooting until it says there are no more updates.
  3. Virus Scan: Update your antivirus definitions and do a full system scan. Norton Antivirus and Mcafee Antivirus are the two leading virus protection programs.
  4. Spyware: Spyware is similar to viruses. It is software that has been loaded into your computer to record your computer habits. Usually this is used to market new products to you. Microsoft has purchased an Antispyware program from Giant Software and is marketing it as Microsoft Antispyware. Currently it is FREE. Spybot Search and Destroy is a leading Spyware protection product, and it is FREE..
  5. Background tasks: Many background tasks get into your computer, slow it down and do you no good. Download, install and run The Ultimate Troubleshooter from to help remove them.


    The most drastic solution is to format your hard drive and re-install everything. This is usually quite successful at restoring system speed. Make sure you have backed up all your files first!



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