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June 2007 - Movie of Zanna going throught the Habit-trail at the Strawberry Festival: Part 1 Part 2

June 2006 - new Photo Gallery

Feb 2005 - Susanna (Zanna) Reed. Feb 28, 2005

Feb 2004 - Hawaii

Dec 2003 - Christmas in New Mexico

Feb 2003 - Back in the USA

Oct 2002 - Brother Steve and his family Dawn, Will, Kara, and Julia came to visit us.

Oct 2002 - Eric's trip to Vic Falls.

Eric and Richard drove from Windhoek to Maun, Botswana (Okavango Delta); then to Kasani, Botswana (Chobe national park); then to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwae; then finally back to Windhoek via the Caprivi strip.

Sept 2002 - Trip to Twyfelfontein. Twyfelfontein is Africa's largest collection of rock engraving. The engravings were done by the bushmen (SAN) 5000-15000 years ago as a way to teach their children about the animals and water holes in the area..

Aug 2002 - Trip to Tanzania.

Jul 2002 - Some pictures of some of our friends

May 2002 - Peter and Birch Milliken's visit. We went to AfriCats (3 hours north) and Chitabe (Okavango Delta in Botswana).

April 2002 - Pictures that Sheila took. Set 1 and Set 2

April 2002 - Sheila and Monika's visit. We went hot air ballooning over the dunes of Sossusvlei (5 hours west).

Feb 2002 - Our roof fire caused from a lightning strike

Feb 2002 - Some photos I took of rural life while I was in Rundu (7 hours north) on the Angola border

Jan 2002 - Just a few pictures from Eric and Emily's Safari in Etosha (5 hours north)

Jan 2002 - Eric and Emily's visit

Jan 2002 - The Cars of Namibia - as requested by Daniel Milliken.

Jan 2002 - Photos of our Christmas Holidays in South Africa, and the story of our trip.

Nov 2001 - These are some photos of city life taken at our house and around town.

Sep 2001 - Here is a site of our wedding that a friend put up for us.