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Eric and Emily's visit

Eric and Emily arrive at Windhoek airport

Cooling off at the pool at Phoebe's office.

Eric, Emily and Sarah eating lunch at Panduka

Emily found the swing set before lunch was served

Eric found a rowing shell before lunch was served

This house is made out of beer bottles

Emily and Romario with puppies

Romario jumping into the pool

Romario was shivering and found warm flagstones

Eric diving

Emily fishing at Joe's Beer House

Emily found an elephant bone near Etosha

At our first watering hole in Etosha we saw: Giraffe, Kudu, Zebra, Warthog, Springbok and many birds drinking.

Giraffe drinking.

Emily saw about 200 Giraffe.

A Giraffe and an Orix

Zebra and Kudu

Can you find the lion that Emily saw?

Eric and Emily swich bodies

Emily finds she likes chocolate power bars while driving around Ethosa.

A jackel

A warthog at the visitors center


Emily watches Chewbacka the Cheetah eat lunch.

Emily is having a nutty breakfast on the deck in Windhoek