Richard and Phoebe's website

Some photos of friends

Eddie and Fr. Kevin playing piano

Eddie gets her e-mail address!

Tim Reid - drinking margaritas

Bill and Mai

Bill Webb being Bill!

Bill and Elizabeth

Jen Holiday ... on the phone

Jen and her fiance Mark - just engaged.

Niki (Nikolita) Garzavale

Peter and Megahan at New Years 2000

Alyssa ... on the phone

Rachel wearing a mom-made hat that is just a bit too big

Richard, Julia, Kara and Will

Phoebe and Rachel after making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.

Rachel and Grandpa

I think the flash was a bit too bright!

Dave reading to his kids

Phoebe peeling logs

Yup, we moved out of DC on Sept 10, 2001.

Richard's Uncle Richard

Richard's Aunt Susie

Mimi and Heidi


Dan and Jeffrey

Nocoo, Jeffrey, Heidi, Jessica,Phoebe, Kwame, Juanita