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Peter and Birch's visit

Up at AfriCats, we saw several lions

Cheetah at AfriCats

Cheetah playing

Cheetah enjoying the morning sun

The worthog "Piggy" waiting for his breakfast

The picture I thought I would never see...Birch petting a worthog

Phoebe and "Piggy"

Heading out on safari in Chitabe

Lions comming back from a night of hunting

As you can see, the lions were right next to us.

Elephants at Chitabe

Giraffe bones

Our guide Ebes setting up for a "sundowner" during an evening safari

All of us at an evening "sundowner"

Impala, a common antelope

This was NOT a weight-watchers camp.

Going on safari at Okapuka

The lions being fed at Okapuka. The female lions gets to eat before a young male lion

Still waiting for his turn to eat

The mom and "baby"

The daddy rhino