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The roads were a bit more challenging than in Namibia

The road to Doreen's house

Phoebe, Doreen (Mama Bob), and Jeffrey

Richard, Doreen (Mama Bob), and Jeffrey

We were invited to Joanne's birthday party

Phoebe finally got to hold Joanne

"Big Books" at the Children's Book Project, a program with which Phoebe used to work

The rural busses are basically lorries with seats.

The gas stations we found were pretty basic

Entrepreneurs were everywhere!

More entrepreneurs - this guy has a portable grinder on his bike

I think oranges were in season!

A house being built

A completed house

A dhow sailing near Zanzibar

Sunset on Zanzibar

A view our our window in stonetown, Zanzibar

A typical street in Stonetown, Zanzibar

After dinner at Emerson and Green's in Stonetown